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Pauline Viardot. Systematic and bibliographic catalogue of works (VWV)

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Both manuscript and printed source materials of Pauline Viardot's works have survived in large numbers and are conserved in libraries and archives all over the world. Certain holdings are of particular importance:
The largest collections of manuscripts are to be found in France and the USA. They are of crucial significance above all because they represent partial bequests from Pauline Viardot that once belonged to various descendants of the composer. In 1999, the Houghton Library at Harvard University (siglum: US-CAh) purchased large portions of the former Archives Le Cesne from the estate of Martine Le Cesne, Pauline Viardot's great-great-granddaughter, and her husband André Le Cesne. The material is catalogued under the title Pauline Viardot-Garcia Papers, 1836–1905 (shelf mark MS Mus 232). In addition to numerous musical autographs and autograph notebooks of Pauline Viardot, this collection also contains autographs of Ivan Turgenev and letters to both personalities. As a complement to this collection, in recent years the Houghton Library has acquired further individual documents and small collections of sources related to Pauline Viardot, to which it added the extensive Bonynge-Sutherland Collection in 2011. All acquisitions of the years 2005–2011 are consolidated under Pauline Viardot-García additional papers, 1838–1912 (shelf mark MS Mus 264). It has not yet been possible to take account of the Bonynge-Sutherland Collection (acquisition number 2011M-3) for the VWV, but it will be incorporated as soon as possible.
The papers of Pauline Viardot's third daughter Marianne Duvernoy, the Fonds Viardot-Duvernoy, are accessible in Paris in the Médiathèque Hector Berlioz at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et danse de Paris (siglum: F-Pmhb). Along with numerous autographs of Pauline Viardot, the collection also contains copies in other hands, one of which may probably be assumed to be the handwriting of the creator of the archive. It also includes an extensive collection of contemporary prints. The source documents from the Fonds Viardot are freely available as digital copies via the online catalogue of the Médiathèque (see Fonds Viardot-Duvernoy or direct links to the digitized documents given with the information on source materials in the database).
Particularly large collections of contemporary prints of Viardot's works are to be found in Paris at the Département de la musique of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (siglum: F-Pn) and in Ann Arbor at the Music Library of the University of Michigan (siglum: US-AAu, Women Composers Collection).

More and more libraries are now making documents from their collections freely available on Internet as digital files. Where this is the case, details will be found in the descriptions of the sources (you can copy the persistent URL given there into the address field of your browser or search for the shelf mark in the online catalogue of the library concerned).

A list of libraries and archives that hold source materials for works by Pauline Viardot and have made them available for the VWV will be found in the menu item Fundorte. The table displays the library's siglum in the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales, RISM, its location, its full name and its Internet address (also a link to the website of the library or archive). The table can be sorted in ascending order either by RISM sigla or by location.
All rights to the sources for Pauline Viardot's works are owned by the libraries and archives named as source locations for the documents concerned. Requests for reproductions and publication rights should be addressed to the library in question. If you are interested in sources that are in private ownership, please contact the editor of this catalogue (see Copyright).

In the menu item Literatur (Literature), you will find a list of reference works and catalogues that are cited by short titles in the VWV. These are predominantly publications used to date contemporary printed scores. You will also find a selection of important recent publications in the field of research on Pauline Viardot.

You can read an introduction to Pauline Viardot's compositional output on this page:

 Pauline Viardot as a composer

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Christin Heitmann: Pauline Viardot. Systematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (VWV), Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, seit 2012, Online-Datenbank (Abrufdatum).

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